Tuesday, February 8, 2011

chapter 5

My 11th birthday is here and I knew it wasn’t going to be no good. I had to do chores and I had to get them done in mother time limit. Since it’s the summer time I might not get nothing to get and if I try to steal some food I’m going to get punish. I haven’t eating in three days because since school being out for the summer. As the family ate dinner I had to sit down at the bottom of the stairs and listen to the family eat. One day I had to wash the dishes. Mother came in the kitchen drunk just about to fall over. She had a sharp knife in her hand. I didn’t know what was going to happen so I continue to wash the dishes. Next thing I know I was cut in my stomach. The blood was coming out and my body got weak in fall to the ground. Mother help me up, it was a surprise that she is showing me any type of emotions. Since mother was a nurse she knew how to bandage me up. After her bandage I up she told me I had to go back in finish the dishes. How could anybody work in his type of condition? Mother left out of the kitchen, so I slowly try to go to the front room so I can go try to tell father. Father was reading a newspaper. So I try to make noises so he could look over and see me with blood on my shirt. Father ask what happen, I told him and then he told me to go back to washing the dishes so he won’t get yelled at. That is when I lost all respect for my father. He couldn’t even take the time out and take me the hospital. So I go back to washing the dishes it took me an hour and a half. Then mother told me I could go play outside with my brothers.

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